Judges back relatives of youth killed by Italian police

The case concerned the death of a young man who was shot by a police officer when he was being pursued by the police after resisting arrest.

Rudko Kawczynski: Europe needs “Spring Revolution”

The forum president said the ‘Spring Revolutions’ should give Roma “the courage to change” their situation.

Rudko Kawczynski: “Time for change in Europe”

In a speech dubbed ‘Time For Change,’ Rudko Kawczynski will tell the European and Travellers Forum (ERTF) meeting on 30 March that the Spring Revolutions of North Africa and the Middle East should inspire Roma people to believe that “anything is possible.”

North-South Prize awarded to Lula da Silva and Louise Arbour

The award recognises their work in promoting global solidarity and interdependence through a respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

View from the Court

Judges delivered their judgements in complaints involving the alleged defamation of a Portuguese judge, the right to build on a former Jewish cemetery and the disappeance and presumed death of Chechen man.