United Kingdom: Judges throw out convicted paedophile’s complaint

The case concerned Charles Bernard O’Neill’s 2010 conviction for murder and several sexual assaults against vulnerable boys. He complained that the part of his trial which related to the sexual offences against children had not respected his right to be presumed innocent.

Cyprus and Turkey: Court judgement in triple murder human rights complaint

The case concerned the investigation into the killing of three Cypriot nationals of Turkish Cypriot origin in the Cypriot-Government controlled area of Cyprus in 2005. The killers fled back to the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” (the “TRNC”).

Italy: Court grants interim measure in SeaWatch 3 vessel case

The ship has not been allowed to enter the harbour and the applicants complain that they are detained on board without legal basis, suffering inhuman and degrading treatment, with the risk of being returned to Libya without evaluation of their individual situation.

Italy: Court ruling on toxic steelworks human rights complaint

Residents in areas affected by toxic emissions from the Ilva steel factory in Taranto Italy, did suffer violations of their human rights.

Court backs Germany’s refusal to reimburse legal expenses of Sobibór extermination camp guard John Demjanjuk

In May 2011, the late John Demjanjuk was convicted by a regional court for the murder of 28,060, persons while acting as a guard in the Sobibór extermination camp, but the proceedings were discontinued after his death in March 2012 while an appeal on points of law was still pending.