Rotterdam: Fight against violent extremism in focus at mayors summit meeting

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, the City of Rotterdam and the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) are organising the Summit of Mayors for the “Alliance of European cities against violent extremism” on Wednesday 9 November in the Netherlands.

Austria: Court set for judgement on news publisher’s free expression complaint

The case concerns applicant company, Verlagsgruppe News GmbH’s civil liability for an article published in Profil, which made allegations of wrongdoing by a banker.

Russia: Thorbjørn Jagland disappointed at International Memorial’s inclusion in foreign agents list

“Today’s decision by the Russian Justice Ministry to include the Moscow-based NGO International Historical and Human Rights Society ‘Memorial’ into the ‘foreign agents registry’ is deeply disappointing,” the Secretary General declared.

Turkey: Mum awarded €20,000 after daughter’s death

Judges say Turkey breached human rights law over the death of a secretary, who suffered serious injuries in a fire caused by a work colleague.

Video: Women, ‘the weight of culture’ and female genital mutilation

Human rights activists say that the risk of girls being taken to be mutilated in parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, increases during the long summer break.