Podcast: Ineta Ziemele – “The European Court cannot be a front-runner on freedom of expression”

In this podcast, Latvia’s former European Court judge Ineta Ziemele, admits that the court “cannot be a front-runner” on issues of freedom of expression in the digital era.

Podcast: Freedom of expression in the digital age

In this podcast, Charlotte Altenhoener-Dion reviews the main themes to be discussed at a conference on freedom of expression in the digital age, which takes place next week in Cyprus.

Cyprus launch for new Disability Strategy 2017-2023

“Our focus must be on ability, not disability,” said Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland. “Lawmakers should devise laws and policies which offer persons with disabilities a maximum of autonomy, access to information, education and employment. Our new strategy shows the way forward.”

Video: Can Interculturalism survive terror in Europe?

In this video, Irena Guidikova explains her confidence in interculturalism as the key set of ideas for strengthening inclusion and diversity in Europe.

New report highlights Europe’s falling prison population

Jail overcrowding remains a problem for 15 European governments, despite falling prison populations. The number of people held in European prisons decreased by 6.8% from 2014 to 2015, according to the latest Council of Europe Annual Penal Statistics (SPACE), published …