Podcast: Thorbjørn Jagland to honour victims of Roma Holocaust

The 2 August event marks the 72nd anniversary of the gas chamber massacre of more than 3,000 Roma people in 1944.

Slovakia: Court ruling on police abuse of Roma teen complaint

According to the European court, the alleged slapping of 16-year old Roma in police custody was not proven but the related investigation was inadequate.

Czech Republic: Minorities rights experts highlight “limited progress” in tackling school segregation of Roma children

Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland said: “Ensuring Roma children have adequate access to education is essential to combat discrimination of Roma people in all areas of society. The Czech Republic has made some progress, but it needs to do more.”

Hungary: Court backs woman’s complaint against authorities’ failed ‘Roma-phobia’ inquiry

Judges ruled today that a failure to investigate adequately threats and insults made during an anti-Roma march in Hungary breached European human rights law.

Germany: Berlin set to host new Roma Institute for Arts and Culture

“For me, as a dynamic city in the vanguard of global arts and culture, it makes for an excellent choice,” revealed Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland in a statement, marking International Roma Day.