Video: An expert’s guide to Russian sculptor Vadim Sidur

Twentieth anniversary celebrations of Russia’s accession to the Council of Europe were headlined in October by an exhibition of the works of noted sculptor Vadim Sidur.

Podcast: Moein Hosseini – ‘From Tehran to Stockholm – My refugee story’

In this podcast, Iranian Moein Hosseini talks frankly about his flight from Tehran to Stockholm as a teenager and the three-year journey from school to his new life as a documentary film-maker and refugee rights activist in Sweden.

Podcast: “Creating the new normal” – Channel Four’s Ramy El-Bergamy on disability rights and diversity in the media

“It’s really important to create a culture of normality when it comes to disability,” says the British tv expert. “The UK is 20% disabled and they are not represented enough on screen.”

Dalai Lama visit highlights need for “love, tolerance, forgiveness and self-discipline”

Earlier today, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, addressed a message of peace, understanding and mutual respect to diplomats and officials of the Council of Europe.

Dalai Lama to address the Council of Europe

The Dalai Lama will deliver an address (Palais de l’Europe, 10.45 am) to the diplomatic community and representatives of Council of Europe bodies, focusing on the development of compassion and ethical awareness in a secular world.