Podcast: The challenge of diversity

In this podcast, a range of commentators, critics and experts discuss the current thinking on diversity and how to improve the relationship between Europe’s majority communities and ethnic and religious minorities.

Podcast: Gary Younge Joins ‘Living Together In the 21st Century’ Debate

In his contribution to the general debate, the Guardian newspaper’s United States correspondent Gary Younge gives his views on issues of identity, terrorism, ethnicity, nationality, migration and intercultural dialogue in 21st century Europe.

Profile: Naema Tahir – Dutch Human Rights Lawyer And Novelist

Her follow-up Dutch best-seller ‘Prized Possession’ (2006), deals with the reproductive and sexual rights of three Muslim women.
It helped to catapult the former Council of Europe human rights lawyer into the Dutch media spotlight. She has remained there ever since, staking out positions on religion and migration which strike at the heart of the Dutch debate on multi-culturalism.