Thorbjørn Jagland sets out importance of social rights in letter to EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker

The letter to the President of the European Commission, was published ahead of an international conference “The European Pillar of Social Rights: going forward together,”, organised by the European Commission in Brussels today.

Ireland and Slovenia: Bans on child smacking should be “clear, binding and precise”

In decisions published today, the European Committee of Social Rights (ECSR) found that the corporal punishment of children in both countries is not prohibited in “a sufficiently clear, binding and precise manner under legislation or case-law.”

France: Ruling on corporal punishment of children

The European Committee of Social Rights says the smacking of children is not “prohibited in a sufficiently clear, binding and precise manner under French law or case-law.”

Thorbjørn Jagland: Europe needs growth and social rights

“Yes, Europe needs economic policies which promote growth,” the Secretary General declared at today’s Brussels conference on the Future of the Protection of Social Rights in Europe. “But part of our response has to be showing people that we see their hardships and anxieties and we are willing to act.”

Conference: Are social rights in Europe future-proof?

The two-day Brussels event starts on 12 February and is a follow-up to a conference last October in Turin.