Romania: Vehicle pollution tax human rights complaint dismissed by court judges

The case concerned the requirement for the applicants to pay a pollution tax based on an emergency ordinance (OUG no. 50/2008), for the purposes of registering in Romania the second-hand vehicles they had bought in other European Union countries.

Armenia: Former president Levon Ter-Petrosyan awaits human rights court judgement

Next week, a former president of Armenia will find out if Strasbourg judges back his human rights complaint against national authorities.

Video: An intercultural approach to policing

In this video, Ivana D’Alessandro argues for an intercultural approach to community policing.

Hungary: Policy brutality human rights violations lead to €10,000 award

The case concerned the applicant Zsolt Csonka’s allegation that he had been slapped, kicked and punched by the police when taken in for questioning about a theft of timber.

Romania: Roma family awarded €49,000 after police ethnic profiling human rights breaches

Police in Romania discriminated against a Roma family by using ethnic profiling to justify a raid on their home.