Russia: Court ruling looms in Soviet-era premium bonds human rights dispute

The case concerns a complaint that the authorities have not redeemed premium bonds issued by the former Soviet Union in 1982, even though Russia has taken on the obligation and has drawn up framework legislation to honour the debt.

Georgia: Court backs government official in police entrapment human rights dispute

Criminal proceedings against a government official over a bribe, were not fair as the domestic courts did not respond to his allegation of entrapment.

Germany: Court backs public access to online archives over convicts’ ‘right to be forgotten’

The case concerned the refusal by the Federal Court of Justice to issue an injunction prohibiting three different media from continuing to allow Internet users access to documentation concerning the applicants’ conviction for the murder of a famous actor and mentioning their names in full.

Romania: Journalist’s intelligence secrets human rights case set for European court ruling

The case concerns the arrest and conviction of a journalist for possessing and trying to verify classified information on national security.

Portugal: ‘Casa Pia’ paedophile ring members await human rights court judgement

The case concerns a paedophile ring in the Casa Pia, a public institution responsible for the education of children from deprived backgrounds.