Iceland: Editor’s liability for defamation after child sex abuse allegations breached human rights law

The applicant, Steingrímur Sævarr Ólafsson, was an editor of the web-based media site Pressan. He published articles insinuating that a political candidate had committed sexual abuse against children.

Russia: Court awards €45,000 to police electro-shock torture victim

The case concerned Arsan Mukayev’s allegation that he had been tortured by the police and that he had been convicted on the basis of statements he had made under duress.

Hungary: Court awards €20,000 to asylum seekers after human rights law breaches

The case of Ilias and Ahmed v. Hungary (application no. 47287/15) concerned the border-zone detention for 23 days of two Bangladeshi asylum-seekers as well as their removal from Hungary to Serbia.

Court backs Sweden over blog’s Nazi jibe

A refusal to hold the owner of a blog liable for a defamatory anonymous online comment did not violate the convention.

Turkey: Court rejects human rights complaint from judge dismissed after coup attempt

The court has rejected the application of a judge dismissed following the attempted coup d’État, as the domestic law provides for a new domestic remedy for challenging her dismissal.