Russia: Court ruling on ‘LGBT’ human rights dispute

A refusal by Russia’s authorities to register three gay rights organisations was declared “unjustified and discriminatory,” under the European Convention on Human Rights.

Germany: Court rules against Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in intelligence service human rights dispute

The European court ruled today that the AfD failed to exhaust domestic remedies for its complaint against the German intelligence service.

Court: Austria did not fail in its duty to protect a son from his violent father

The case concerned the murder of the applicant Senay Kurt’s son by his father after previous allegations of domestic violence by the applicant against the father.

Hungary: Motorist suffered inhuman and degrading treatment after police breathalyser refusal

The case concerned the applicant being forced to take a urine test via a catheter on suspicion of his being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving.

Romania: Human rights failings lead judges to make €21,500 award

Human rights failings uncovered in an investigation into a police identity check, which left a man with injuries, have led Strasbourg judges to make a €21,500 award against Romania.