Norway: 2011 youth rally terrorist ‘Anders Behring Breivik’ loses human rights battle

In its decision in the case, which was brought under the applicant’s new name of Fjotolf Hansen as Hansen v. Norway (application no. 48852/17), the European Court of Human Rights, sitting as a Committee of three judges, declared the application inadmissible. The decision is final.

France: Human rights judges make €69,000 award to parents of youth shot by police

The case concerned the necessity and proportionality of the use of force by the law-enforcement agencies in the context of the death of the applicants’ son, who was shot and killed by a gendarme while travelling in the rear of a fleeing vehicle.

France: Court makes €6.5 million damages ruling

Human rights judges have ruled that a youth, wrongly suspected of throwing stones at trains, who alleged he was a victim of ill-treatment whilst under arrest, should receive €6.5 million in damages.

Court: Italian authorities failed to protect a drug-dependent victim of a child prostitution ring

The case concerned a person who, as a minor suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, had been the victim of a child prostitution ring and gang rape. She complained that the Italian authorities had not taken all the necessary steps to protect her as a minor and the victim of a prostitution ring.

Switzerland: Court backs anti-racism NGO in minarets referendum free expression complaint

The case concerned a complaint by a non-governmental organisation that its right to freedom of expression had been infringed because the domestic courts had found that it had defamed a politician by classifying his remarks at a speech during a campaign ahead of a 2009 referendum on banning minarets in Switzerland as “verbal racism.”