United Kingdom: Human rights commissioner urges independent inquiry into counterterrorism abuses

“A new and full inquiry can ensure all necessary lessons of the past are learned,” writes Dunja Mijatović in a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May. “It would also send out a positive signal to other Council of Europe member states facing similar challenges, a number of which are also still to provide a full account of their involvement in rendition and secret detention programmes in the post-9/11 era.”

Court: Lithuania and Romania complicity in CIA secret rendition led to multiple human rights violations

Lithuania and Romania’s involvement in CIA secret detainee programme led it to commit multiple rights violations.

Romania: Grand chamber hearing for Guantanamo terrorism suspect’s secret rendition and torture complaint

The case concerns the alleged “rendition” of a man suspected of terrorist acts to CIA secret detention sites, where, according to his submissions, illegal interrogation methods amounting to torture were used.

Italy: Court awards €70k to CIA ‘secret rendition’ snatch victim

The case concerned an instance of extrajudicial transfer (or “extraordinary rendition”), namely the abduction by CIA agents, with the cooperation of Italian officials, of the Egyptian imam Abu Omar, who had been granted political asylum in Italy, and his subsequent transfer to Egypt, where he was held in secret for several months.

Italy: Court set for CIA terror abduction human rights complaint

On June 23, the human rights spotlight will fall again on the ‘War on Terror,’ when Strasbourg judges hear legal arguments concerning Italy’s involvement in a CIA abduction.