Russia: Court backs Pussy Riot members in human rights complaint against convictions and imprisonment

Human rights judges declared today that Russia committed multiple violations of the European Convention owing to Pussy Riot punk band convictions and imprisonment.

Russia: Court set for ruling in Pussy Riot human rights case

The case concerns the conviction and imprisonment of members of the Russian feminist punk band, for attempting to perform one of their protest songs in a Moscow cathedral in 2012.

Germany: Court backs public access to online archives over convicts’ ‘right to be forgotten’

The case concerned the refusal by the Federal Court of Justice to issue an injunction prohibiting three different media from continuing to allow Internet users access to documentation concerning the applicants’ conviction for the murder of a famous actor and mentioning their names in full.

Court: Sweden’s bulk interception of communications meets human rights standards

The case concerned a complaint brought by a public interest law firm alleging that legislation permitting the bulk interception of electronic signals in Sweden for foreign intelligence purposes breached its privacy rights.

Slovenia: Court ruling on police inquiry into child porn peer-to-peer network

According to the European court, police access to subscriber information associated with a dynamic IP address needed a court order. Slovenia’s law lacked clarity.