Russia: Serious domestic abuse leads to €25,000 human rights award

The case concerned the applicant’s complaint that the Russian authorities had failed to protect her from repeated domestic violence, including assaults, kidnapping, stalking and threats.

Court: Austria did not fail in its duty to protect a son from his violent father

The case concerned the murder of the applicant Senay Kurt’s son by his father after previous allegations of domestic violence by the applicant against the father.

Romania: International child custody complaint leads to mum’s €16,000 human rights court award

The case concerned the interpretation of “grave risk” under international law in a child custody dispute.

Romania: Inadequate investigation into rape complaint leads to €12,000 award

The case concerned the female applicant’s complaint that her accusations of rape had not been properly investigated and that she had been deprived of her procedural rights.

Court: Judges make €27,000 award after Serbian prison rape and assault

The case concerned inter-prisoner violence, in particular, the applicant’s complaint that he was assaulted, raped and humiliated by his cell mates in prison, that the prison failed to protect him and that the prison authorities failed to investigate his complaints properly.