Court: Lithuanian border guards’ block on Russian migrants asylum applications violated human rights law

The case concerned a Russian family of seven who, after leaving Chechnya, tried on three separate occasions to seek asylum in Lithuania. Each time, they were refused the right to make an application at the border.

Belgium: Grand Chamber set for judgement in Aleppo asylum seekers’ failed visa complaint

A Syrian family, refused humanitarian asylum visas by Belgium will have its human rights complaint judged by the European court’s Grand Chamber, it has been confirmed.

Court backs Austria over Prophet Muhammad insult conviction

According to today’s court decision, calling Muhammad a paedophile may lead to a conviction of disparaging religious doctrines and is not in breach of Article 10

Croatia: European court urges authorities to “regulate more clearly” home births legislation

The applicant Ivana Pojatina, alleged in particular that, although Croatian law allowed home births, women such as her could not make this choice in practice because they were not able to get professional help.

Court: Investigation of journalist Anna Politkovskaya’s murder failed to look properly into who commissioned the crime

The complaint concerned the investigation into the 2006 murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya.