France: Judges reject lesbian couple’s artificial insemination human rights challenge

The application concerned a female married couple who had applied for medically assisted reproduction by means of artificial insemination. The application was rejected by Toulouse Hospital on the grounds that “the Bioethics Law currently in force in France did not authorise such medical provision for same-sex couples”.

In conversation: Miro Griffiths on the rights of disabled people

Earlier today, educator, activist and former United Kingdom government adviser Miro Griffiths, set out some of the key issues of concern to disability rights activists in a Facebook text conversation.

Podcast: Bioethics and Europe’s brave new world of “designer” babies

In this podcast, European patient organisation representative Cor Oosterwijk, discusses the vexed question of how new genetic technologies should be used in human reproduction.

Council of Europe issues call to action over genetic tests

“People’s health and genetic data are highly sensitive and must be properly protected,” said Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland.

Video: Intersex children and medical sex assignment – Whose right to choose?

This video, focussing on the impact of medical sex assignment on intersex children, features interviews with Kitty Anderson, Chairperson of Intersex Iceland / Secretary of the Board, OII Europe and Mika Venhola, a Finnish paediatric surgeon.