Italy: Court grants interim measure in SeaWatch 3 vessel case

Today, a chamber of the European Court of Human Rights decided, by a majority, to grant an interim measure concerning the vessel SeaWatch 3, which has 47 migrants on board and is currently anchored outside of Syracuse, Sicily.

The ship has not been allowed to enter the harbour and the applicants complain that they are detained on board without legal basis, suffering inhuman and degrading treatment, with the risk of being returned to Libya without evaluation of their individual situation.

In its decision, the court did not grant the applicants’ requests to be disembarked. It requested the Italian Government “to take all necessary measures, as soon as possible, to provide all the applicants with adequate medical care, food, water and basic supplies as necessary.

As far as the 15 unaccompanied minors are concerned, the Government are requested to provide adequate legal assistance (e.g. legal guardianship). The Government are also requested to keep the court regularly informed of the developments of the applicants’ situation.”

This interim measure is in force until further notice.


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