Hungary : Court rejects widow’s “trampling on the memory of Faludy” human rights complaint

Human rights judges have rejected a complaint from the widow of Hungarian poet György Faludy.

In the case Faludy-Kovács v. Hungary (application no. 20487/13),Katalin Fatime Faludy-Kovács, who lives in Budapest, claimed that Hungarian authorities had breached her rights by refusing to award her compensation for damage to her reputation, after she brought legal action against a newspaper in protest at a headline.

In 2008 a newspaper published an article about the applicant, the widow of György Faludy, who was a well-known poet, and her family plans, which involved other relatives of her late husband.

She began court proceedings over the headline, which said “Trampling on the memory of Faludy.

The widow does everything for the limelight”. Her damages claim was rejected in 2011 by the court of appeal, which found that the statement was a value judgment and not a statement of fact.

In her complaint she relied on Article 8 (right to respect for private and family life) of the European Convention on Human Rights.

No violation of Article 8

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