FIFA and the Council of Europe to promote human rights

Earlier today, international football boss President Gianni Infantino (FIFA) and Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland met in Strasbourg to discuss how to better promote human rights in sport.

The leaders of both organisations underlined the importance of the Council of Europe’s sports conventions in protecting human rights in sport, in particular the anti-doping convention, the match-fixing convention and the recent convention on safety, security and service at football matches.

“It seems clear to me that FIFA and the Council of Europe share many common goals,” said Infantino.

“Good governance, respect for human rights and a resolute stance against doping, match-fixing and violence are a top priority for world football’s governing body.”

Jagland said: “Our sports conventions reach beyond Europe and many other countries have expressed interest in joining them.

“Closer co-operation with FIFA will help to promote respect for human rights in sport both in Europe and worldwide. I am also pleased that FIFA wants to work with us on subject of governance.

“The role of sport in our societies, for example in boosting integration, cannot be underestimated. Good governance will help to ensure the benefits of sport can be enjoyed by everyone”.

Secretary General Jagland and FIFA President Infantino agreed to start work on a Memorandum of Understanding between FIFA and the Council of Europe setting out in detail areas of cooperation between the two organisations. A Memorandum of Understanding could be ready for signature by the end of 2018.



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