Germany: Court rejects terror suspect’s complaint against deportation to Russia

Today, Strasbourg judges have rejected a complaint against expulsion to Russia  brought by a  man whom German authorities feared might be a future  terrorist.

In its decision in the case of X v. Germany (application no. 54646/17) the European Court of Human Rights unanimously declared the application inadmissible.

The decision is final.

The applicant is a Russian national who was born in 1999 in Dagestan in the Northern Caucasus (Russia), and grew up in Germany.

In March 2017, the applicant’s deportation to Russia was ordered by the German authorities, as he was suspected of being willing to participate in or carry out a terrorist attack in Germany and was therefore considered to constitute a threat to national security. He was placed in detention pending deportation.

Like the domestic courts, the European Court concluded that there were no substantial grounds for believing that the applicant, if deported to Moscow, would be exposed to a real risk of being subjected to treatment contrary to Article 3 (prohibition of torture and of inhuman or degrading treatment) of the European Convention on Human Rights as he had no connection with the conflicts in the Northern Caucasus.

In particular, the court saw no reason to depart from the domestic courts’ decisions, which had carefully weighed all the evidence and had made a comprehensive assessment of the applicant’s case.


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