Turkey: Assembly MP condemns “abusive use” of an Interpol arrest warrant against Dogan Akhanli

Human rights defender Dogan Akhanli is being persecuted through the “abusive use” of Interpol’s Red Notice, says Parliamentary Assembly member Bernd Fabritius.

According to the assembly, Red notices, which allow police in one country to seek the arrest of a wanted person in another, should be circulated by Interpol only when there are “serious grounds for suspicion against the person in question.”

Fabritius said: “As Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly on abusive use of the Interpol Red Notice system to persecute human rights defenders and opposition politicians, I condemn the Red Notice against Dogan Akhanli, requested by Turkey and invite Interpol to re-examine it in light of the rules outlawing politically-motivated interventions and to delete the Notice as appropriate.

“If an abuse is indeed found, Interpol should apply to Turkey the sanctions suggested in my report.”

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