Jagland to set out human rights response to fake news and threats to free speech

In a speech to the European Broasdcasting Union’s General Assembly tomorrow, Thorbjørn Jagland will outline the human response to the challenge of upholding truth without stifling dissent.

In his 30 June Dublin address, Jagland will point to the impact of terrorist attacks, increased migration and the emotional appeal of populism, as complex issues facing Europe.

These raise important challenges for journalists, he will say, already grappling with diminishing media pluralism and threats to free expression.

The Secretary General will reassert the importance of protecting freedom of speech, ensuring journalists’ security through comprehensive legislative action and the need to challenge robustly fake news.

Whilst sounding the alarm over the fusion of fake news and hate speech, the Secretary General will insist that state censorship is not the answer.

Jagland will call on established media organisations to take the initiative over fact-checking and emphasise the role of public service broadcasters in “being part of the solution.”

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