Podcast: Freedom of expression in the digital age

In this podcast, Charlotte Altenhoener-Dion reviews the main themes to be discussed at a conference on freedom of expression in the digital age, which takes place next week in Cyprus.

“We will discuss how states can ensure that freedom of expression can be safely protected online and how governments need to ensure that human rights and rule of law are enforced online,” says the administrator in the Council of Europe’s media and internet division.

The Friday 28 April Nicosia conference, entitled ‘Freedom of Expression Online: Evolving European jurisprudence and standard-setting activities in the digital age,’ is organised jointly with the Supreme Court of Cyprus, as part of the Cypriot Chairmanship of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers.

The event will enable an exchange of views between officials of the judiciary from member States, European court judges, media experts and representatives of civil society and internet service providers, to set out the challenges affecting freedom of expression online and the application of human rights and rule of law standards to an environment of constant technological evolution.

“Traditional standards of freedom of expression apply online as they do offline,” adds Altenhoener-Dion.

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