Court: France right to refuse disability allowance to woman living in Algeria

Human rights judges have dismissed a complaint from a woman who argued that France should pay her a supplementary disability allowance, even though she was living in Algeria.

In its 23 March decision in the case of Gouri v. France (application no. 41069/11) the European Court of Human Rights unanimously declared the application inadmissible. The decision is final.

The case concerns the request by the applicant Messaouda Gouri, an Algerian national, for the payment by France of a supplementary disability allowance, which was denied because she was living in Algeria.

The court found that the supplementary disability allowance had been established by the legislature with the aim of securing a satisfactory living standard for individuals living in France, taking into account the economic parameters of their country of residence, making it difficult to establish a real comparison with the situation of people living abroad. There had been no discrimination against the applicant, who lived in Algeria and was thus not in a situation comparable to that of people living in France.

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