Belgium: New report reveals “very low level of compliance” with expert anti-corruption recommendations

A new report confirms that Belgium has failed to comply satisfactorily with 15 expert recommendations aimed at fighting corruption.

The Council of Europe’s anti-corruption group (GRECO) concludes its survey by revealing that: “Belgium has not satisfactorily implemented or dealt satisfactorily with any of the fifteen recommendations contained in the Fourth Round Evaluation Report. Four recommendations have been partly implemented and eleven have not been implemented.

“GRECO considers that the measures taken by the Belgian authorities to implement the recommendations set out in the Fourth Round Evaluation Report are very limited. It concludes that the currently very low level of compliance with the recommendations is globally unsatisfactory.

“Accordingly, GRECO decides to apply Rule 32 in respect of members not in compliance with the recommendations contained in the mutual evaluation report and calls on the head of the Belgian delegation to submit as soon as possible a report on progress in implementing the outstanding recommendations (i.e. all the recommendations) at the latest by 31 October 2017.”

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