Thorbjørn Jagland: Let’s celebrate rather than caricature the European Court of Human Rights

In an article in the New York Times, Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland, outlines how a “breakdown in the postwar consensus that accepted international law as a fair price for peace and prosperity,” is affecting the European court.

In evidence, Jagland cites the treatment of European Court of Human Rights judges/ he says they are “increasingly derided as an impediment to democracy by politicians looking to appeal to nationalist sentiment.

“The court and the European Convention on Human Rights have come under attack in a growing number of European countries.”

In the article, the Secretary General makes an urgent appeal for the court to be celebrated instead of caricatured.

Jagland states: “The court is not perfect; no institution is. Its caseload has grown sharply as more countries have joined the Council of Europe.

“In the Strasbourg court, Europeans have a willing servant that strives to protect their interests and enhance their daily lives. Let’s hear that case made, loud and clear, in 2017.”

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