Czech Republic: New report urges “substantial reforms” to prevent corruption among MPs, judges and prosecutors

In a report published today, the Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) calls on the Czech authorities to make substantial reforms to strengthen the prevention of corruption among parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors

As one of 14 recommendations to national authorities, GRECO specifically calls on the Czech authorities to further increase the transparency of the legislative process. It wants to the introduction of rules for members of parliament on how to interact with third parties seeking to influence the legislative process and that such interactions be made more transparent.

GRECO also encourages amendments to the rules on parliamentarians’ asset declarations. Its report states that draft legislation to strengthen the Act on Conflicts of Interest – currently pending before Parliament – is a step in the right direction but GRECO wants more effective supervision and enforcement of the rules in practice.

GRECO concludes that there is a clear need to amend the regulation on the recruitment and career advancement of judges, in particular to ensure that decisions are based on pre-established objective criteria, notably merit. It also recommends making more transparent the selection procedures for the appointment of the Supreme Public Prosecutor and other chief public prosecutors, and that their recall be only possible in the context of disciplinary proceedings.

The report also recommends the adoption of codes of conduct by parliament, the judiciary and the prosecution services.

The authorities of the Czech Republic are scheduled to report back on measures taken to implement the 14 GRECO recommendations included in this report.

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