European Court of Human Rights
European Court of Human Rights

Belgium: Court set for decision on allegations of human rights violations following Roma family’s deportation

A European Court judgement is expected later this week on a complaint which focusses on the treatment of a Serbian Roma family.

The father and mother and their five children who have brought the case against Belgium, claim that deportation from the country led to the death of their eldest child, a daughter who was severely disabled.

The European Court of Human Rights will deliver a Grand Chamber judgment in the case of V.M. and Others v. Belgium (application no. 60125/11) in writing on 17 November.

The case concerns the reception conditions of a family of Serbian nationals seeking asylum in Belgium. Following an order to leave the country and despite their appeals against the measure, the applicants were left without basic means of subsistence and were obliged to return to their country of origin, where their severely disabled child died.

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