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Sevinj Fataliyev: European leaders must act to protect children in Aleppo

A leading Parliamentary Assembly official wants European leaders to do more to protect children in the Syrian Aleppo warzone.

Sevinj Fataliyeva, who is the Assembly’s rapporteur on ‘Protecting children and young people affected by armed conflicts,’ raised the alarm following reports that 100,000 children are caught up in the fighting, many of whom have no chance to escape the city.

“European governments must do their utmost to promote political solutions to end the conflict, and – in the meantime – support humanitarian organisations present in Syria by providing them with the resources required to protect children and their families,” Fataliyeva said.

“Children are the most vulnerable and defenceless party in these lasting conflicts and their fate must be given all the attention required by wealthier and peaceful countries of Europe.”

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