Hungary: Nils Muižnieks raises alarm over government’s treament of migrants

Human rights commissioner Nils Muižnieks, has wriiten an article for the New York Times, expressing his concerns about the treatment of migrants in Hungary.

Muižnieks lists “worrying developments” in the country, which he claims “come amid a campaign to demonize refugees, that has been orchestrated by the government since 2015, when it promoted a “national consultation on immigration and terrorism” that portrayed migrants as a danger to Hungarian society.”

The Commssioner for Human Rights adds: “This propaganda effort has reached a new pitch of intensity in the run-up to an Oct. 2 referendum on any future European Commission proposal to relocate refugees more evenly among European Union countries.

“A government-sponsored poster campaign on billboards around the country is promoting deceptive messages, such as that sexual harassment of women has risen sharply across Europe since the beginning of the migrant crisis, or that the Paris terrorist attacks were committed by immigrants.”

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