Podcast: “There is no refugee crisis,” says Strasbourg deputy mayor Nawel Rafik-Elmrini

In this podcast, Strasbourg’s Deputy Mayor Nawel Rafik-Elmrini, outlines the city’s approach to refugees and migrants.

“Hosting and integrating refugees with dignity is very important for us,” she says “If we don’t do it, it means that we as Europeans lose our own dignity.

“As a response to populism and people who are claiming we are invaded by refugee, I say, there is no crisis of refugees. We have only a challenge. A huge challenge but we can handle it.

“For us, [migration] represents less than one per cent of our population in the whole of Europe, so we can do it.”

The city of Strasbourg has always hosted refugees, says the deputy mayor, who is also responsible for Strasbourg’s European and international relations. Most come from eastern Europe. The number has increased since 2014, with the city now sheltering refugees from the Middle East, Syria, Afghanistan Somalia and other parts of Africa.

Rafik-Elmrini’s audio interview followed her contribution to a seminar focusing on the social inclusion of refugee students and their role in intercultural dialogue, at Strasbourg’s European‬ ‪Youth‬ Centre earlier today.

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