Romania: Grand chamber hearing for Guantanamo terrorism suspect’s secret rendition and torture complaint

Allegations that a terrorist suspect was held in CIA secret detention sites and tortured, are at the heart of an European Court hearing now underway.

The case of Al Nashiri v. Romania (application no. 33234/12) was brought by Abd Al Rahim Hussayn Muhammad Al Nashiri, a Saudi Arabian national of Yemeni descent who was born in 1965.

Al Nashiri is currently detained in the Internment Facility at the United States (US) Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. He has been suspected of the terrorist attack on the US Navy ship USS Cole in the harbour of Aden, Yemen, in October 2000 and of playing a role in the attack on the French oil tanker MV Limburg in the Gulf of Aden in October 2002.

Al Nashiri alleges that he was the victim of an “extraordinary rendition” by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), that is, of apprehension and extrajudicial transfer to CIA secret detention facilities in various countries, including Poland and Romania.

He submits that he was held in a secret detention site in Romania, from 12 April 2004 to an unknown date before 6 September 2006, before being transferred and imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, with the knowledge of the Romanian authorities for the purpose of interrogation, during which he was tortured.

The European court hearing will be broadcast from 14h30 (CET).

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