United Kingdom: ‘Liquid bomb’ terror prisoner awaits court decision over Grand Chamber hearing request

A prisoner, convicted on ‘liquid-bomb’ air terrorism offences, wants the European Court’s Grand Chamber to agree to a new hearing into his human rights complaint against the United Kingdom.

Abdulla Ahmed Ali, was arrested, along with others, in the context of a large-scale counterterrorism operation in August 2006.

It was alleged that he had conspired to cause explosions on board transatlantic flights using liquid bombs.

His complaint to the European Court of Human Rights that UK authorities denied him a fair trial, was rejected by Strasbourg judges last June.

Next week, at its 14 December meeting, a panel of five judges will examine the Ali’s request for his case to be referred to the court’s Grand Chamber.

The panel’s decision will be announced on Tuesday 15 December 2015.

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