Calling active citizens – Countdown to the World Forum For Democracy

Some 1,500 active citizens from 100 countries will gather in Strasbourg between 18 and 20 November for the fourth World Forum for Democracy.

The participants will take part in 19 labs and myriad conversations on the theme ‘Freedom vs. control: For a democratic response

Underpinning these discussions are key questions such as:

- How to maintain a balance between security and freedom in a democratic society under threat?

- Can democracies resist the escalation of fear and formulate responses based on civic responsibility and active citizenship?

- Can state agencies deal with security risks without jeopardising individual rights and freedoms?

- Surveillance – what is the right dose?

- How to build trust in diverse societies

- What is the media’s responsibility in the context of a terrorist threat.

The Secretary of State for European Affairs of France, Harlem Désir, will participate in the opening ceremony on Wednesday 18 November, an event supported by the French government, the Alsace Region and the City of Strasbourg.

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