Jagland: Russia’s ban on “homosexual propaganda” is “completely wrong”

A Russian law banning “homosexual propaganda” as a “threat to heterosexual life” is “completely wrong and out of date,” Thorbjørn Jagland declared today.

Writing on Facebook, in response to a question from the Austrian MEP Ulrike Lunacek, during his first ever online ‘Live Townhall!,’ the Secretary General confirmed that the Russian authorities should respect the European Convention on Human Rights.

“I’ve made it clear time and time again, including to the Russian authorities, that LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender) people have the same rights as everyone else to express themselves, to assemble and to demonstrate, as guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights,” he declared.

“The Russian law banning what it says is “homosexual propaganda” is based on the idea that LGBT people are a threat to heterosexual life. This is completely wrong and out of date.”

In her question, Ulrike Lunacek asked Jagland: “How are you working to advance the rights of LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and inter-sex)people, and how does this work if countries are supporting laws restricting the rights of LGBTI people, such as in Russia and Lithuania?”

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