Turkey: Nils Muižnieks “shocked and disappointed” by police crack-down on Pride event

In a Facebook post published within the past 15 minutes, Nils Muižnieks has challenged Turkey’s use of police to break up a Pride march in Istanbul.

The Commissioner for Human Rights wrote: “I am shocked and very disappointed about the police crackdown on the participants to the Istanbul Pride. The police should protect demonstrators, not attack them.

“The right to peaceful assembly is a fundamental human right that Turkey must better protect. I call on the authorities to identify those responsible for this violence and punish them. They should also send an unequivocal message that the right to peaceful assembly, including of LGBTI persons, will be upheld in the future.”

Media reports state that Turkish police used water cannon, rubber pellets and tear gas at the 28 June gay pride event.

The local authority is understood to have banned the march because it coincided with the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

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