Poland : Nationalism, intolerance and racism are on the rise

A new report on Poland reveals rising levels of nationalism, racism and intolerance.

In its report published today, the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) revealed concern over hate speech directed at LGBT people, the mobilisation of extremist groups, “occasionally in conjunction with racist football supporters’ associations or foreign nationalist groups” and manifestations of racism at sports events.

The ECRI report stated that these developments “help trivialise and disseminate racism and intolerance.”

ECRI Chair Christian Ahlund said: “Despite certain advances, in particular the passing of a new anti-discrimination law and measures to make judicial procedures relating to racist crime more effective, a number of problems in Poland continue to give cause for concern, such as the rise of nationalist groups, racism at sports events and intolerance of LGBT persons.”

ECRI has now urged the Polish authorities to extend the terms of reference of the Anti-Cybercrime Division of the National Police to include monitoring of illegal activities aimed at inciting hatred;
According to ECRI, the government should also enact legislation or amending existing laws in order to enshrine in Polish law the equality and dignity of LGBT people.

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