European Roma Institute launches online consultation

An online public consultation project is now underway to canvas opinion about the Council of Europe and George Soros-backed European Roma Institute (ERI).

The ERI was advertised last March by Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland and billionaire philanthropist George Soros, to “celebrate the Roma influence on our shared cultural life.”

The institute was hailed for its potential to “educate, chipping away at the negative stereotypes which still pervade across the continent.”

Jagland and Soros wrote that the institute would “become a powerful source of self-esteem,” acting as an “important symbol.”

According to a May 18 article published by the Open Society, “representatives of intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations, experts, activists, academics, artists, curators, media experts, and governmental institutions have had the opportunity to express their support or criticism of the Institute.”

Now, discussion of the project is to be opened “even wider and allow everyone the chance to participate.”

Contributors can post their views on Facebook or send them by email. Telephone conference calls are also in the pipeline.

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