Hungary : Report on compliance with anti-corruption standards

A new report reveals that Hungary’s authorities have failed to comply fully with most of the anti-corruption improvements suggested by Council of Europe experts.

Today’s Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO) Third Round Compliance Report on Hungary, concludes that the country has “implemented satisfactorily, or dealt with in a satisfactory manner, in total, six of the fifteen recommendations.

The report notes that “of the remaining recommendations, four have been partly implemented and five have not been implemented.

GRECO wants the country’s authorities “to conclude the ratification process in respect of the Additional Protocol to the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption as soon as possible.”

The experts also confirm that “in so far as transparency of party funding is concerned, the situation remains to a large extent thesame as at the time of the adoption of the Compliance Report. In addition to the steps taken to provide for more transparency as regards the registries of political parties, acknowledged in the compliance report, only minor progress has been made in respect of the pending recommendations.

“This is particularly disappointing as some parts of the Party Act and the Election Procedure Act have been amended.”

The clarification of sources of party income and greater precision regarding the election campaign periods are welcomed by GRECO.
But, it states that “further efforts are needed, for example, in order to establish transparent accounting of political parties and to ensure independent auditing and efficient monitoring of party accounts, as required in the pending recommendations.

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