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Thorbjørn Jagland

Jagland set for White House anti-terror summit

Later today at a White House anti-terror recruitment summit, Thorbjørn Jagland will urge international leaders not to sacrifice human rights values for greater security.

In a session scheduled to be attended by Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Jagland will focus on the importance of democratic citizenship and education, which he believes is crucial to the successful “marriage” of diversity and democracy.

And he will also stress that for the rule of law to prevail, “we must always respond to terror with laws and practices which uphold our values.”

The Secretary General will also highlight a gap in international law by which states currently criminalise the recruitment, training and funding of terrorists but not the act of seeking to attain them.

Jagland will offer more information on the United Nation’s-endorsed Council of Europe plan for the first binding, international legal instrument addressing this concern.

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