Witness (2) : Podcast – The “university industry,” the “volunteer lie” and the anger of Europe’s youth

In this podcast, university lecturer Daniel Briggs discusses the discontent and pacification of young people across Europe.

Briggs, a Professor of Criminology at the Universidad Europea, Madrid, Spain, points to the structural difficulties of finding work, the disappointments generated by the ‘university industry’ and the “collective lie” of voluntary work, as being fundamental to the resentment felt among some young people.

“When you are engaged in this economic model, there are always likely to be winners and losers,” he says.

Briggs was part of an expert group which met at the European Youth Centre earlier this month to review the mapping of barriers to social inclusion for young people in vulnerable situations. The conference was organised by the Council of Europe and the European Union ahead of November’s high profile youth policy conference in Malta.

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