European Court of Human Rights
European Court of Human Rights

Croatia: Court set for ‘war crimes’ human rights judgement

Next week, human rights judges will deliver their judgement concerning Croatia’s reopening of criminal proceedings affecting offences newly classified as war crimes.

The Grand Chamber judgment in the case of Marguš v. Croatia (application no. 4455/10) will be announced at a public hearing on 27 May 2014 at 11h (CET).

The case concerns the conviction, in 2007, of Fred Marguš, a former commander of the Croatian army, of war crimes against the civilian population committed in 1991.

He complains in particular: that his right to be tried by an impartial tribunal and to defend himself in person was violated; and, that the criminal offences of which he was convicted were the same as those which had been the subject of proceedings against him terminated in 1997 in application of the General Amnesty Act.

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