Nils Muižnieks: Sex-selective abortions should be banned

Selective abortions of female foetuses should be banned by law, Nils Muižnieks declares in his latest Human Rights Comment published today.

“Selective abortions of female foetuses are well known from China and India, but they are common in some parts of Europe, too,” writes the Commissioner for Human Rights.

“This deeply discriminatory practice springs from the disadvantaged status of women in society. It must be vigorously countered and banned in law.

The human rights commissioner also reveals statistics to confirm his concerns.

Muižnieks adds: “The normal sex ratio at birth ranges from 102-106 males to 100 females. In 2011, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe highlighted alarming levels of skewed sex ratio at birth in several member countries. In Albania, Armenia, and Azerbaijan the rate stood at 112/100, while in Georgia it was 111/100.

Figures given in 2013 in a report commissioned by UNFPA were even worse, with a ratio of 114-115/100 in Armenia and 116/100 in Azerbaijan. In addition, the report noted levels above 110 in Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, and parts of “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.”

The British ‘Independent’ newspaper reveals today that Illegal abortion is widely used by some United Kingdom ethnic groups to avoid daughters and has reduced the female population by between 1,500 and 4,700.

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