Court reveals 61,000 drop in pending cases

Pending cases at the European Court of Human Rights have dropped by more than 60,000 in just over two years, according to the court’s president Judge Spielmann.

By the end of 2013 there were 99,900 pending cases, a figure that stood at 160,000 in September 2011, the court revealed today.

President Dean Spielmann said: “Falling below the symbolic figure of 100,000 pending cases is a source of great satisfaction and an encouragement for us to carry on. Above all, it serves as proof that it is always possible to change things and to reverse trends if you put in the necessary energy and resources.”

The court has now published its annual activity report and its statistics for 2013. The annual table of violations for each country shows that the state with the highest number of judgments finding at least one violation of the Convention was Russia (119 judgments), followed by Turkey (118), Romania (83), Ukraine (65), Hungary (40), Italy (34) and Greece (32).

The statistics also reveal that the majority of pending cases were against Russia (16.8%), Italy (14.4%), Ukraine (13.3%) and Serbia (11.3%).

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