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Podcast: Rewiring democracy for disadvantaged communities

In this podcast, online democracy activist Steven Clift discusses how technology can be used to mobilise disadvantaged communities and improve their political participation.

Clift (photo) is the founder and Executive Director of, which he started in 1994 as the world’s first election information website.

His interest in mobilising communities through technology has brought him to the attention of the organisers of the World Forum for Democracy and next week, Steven will be in Strasbourg to take part in the rewiring democracy for the digital age debates.

The key, Clift says, is “not making people feel like they are a token” and to make the engagement “fun and relevant.”

He adds: “It’s one thing to have people gather but another to make it relevant.It shouldn’t just be vitriolic, anonymous news commenting that turns off 95% of everyday folks.

“The key principle is respect.”

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