Podcast: A teachers’ manifesto for the 21st century

In this podcast, education specialist Josef Huber discusses ideas for a new 21st century teaching and education manifesto.

The Head of the ‘Pestalozzi Programme for the Training of Education Professionals Programme wants this blueprint for the future to be at the heart of a conference in Strasbourg next April (24-25) entitled ‘Professional Image and Ethos of Teachers.’

“The title is a message in itself,” he says. “Teachers feel that there is a gap between what they would like to do as educators and what they can do in the context of today’s schooling.

“What we are currently doing in our educational systems is repeating a model of education that has outlived itself.

“Many people complain about school and the quality of the outcome but few people ask themselves what is good education today in the 21st century? Many teachers are looking for a new identification of what it means to be a teacher. This is why we are organising this conference.”

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