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In Focus: Council of Europe’s Southern Mediterranean policy

In this podcast, William Massolin, the Council of Europe’s Tunisia national coordinator discusses the organisation’s activities in the Southern Mediterranean.

Massolin highlights the Arab Spring as a crucial opening for the ‘Neighbourhood Strategy’ launched by Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland.

Speaking of the Council of Europe, Massolin says: “It has tremendous experience not only in the constitutional field but also in reform of justice, education for democracy and in all the fields which are absolutely essential for a viable democracy.

He is joined in the podcast by Lina Tamerjan, Acting Secretary General at Jordan’s Ministry of Political Development, who was in Strasbourg alongside counterparts from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia for a two-day Southern Mediterranean seminar.

She rejects any suspicions that Europe is seeking to exercise undue influence in the region. “It’s a part of our co-operation,” Tamerjan says. This seminar gives us a great idea of what the Council of Europe is doing. We are friends.”

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