Court schedules judgement on UK killers’ complaint against ‘whole life’ prison terms

A Grand Chamber judgment in the case of three United Kingdom convicts who protest that a whole life jail term amounts to inhuman and degrading treatment is expected next week, it has been announced.

The European Court of Human Rights decision in the case Vinter and Others v. the United Kingdom (application nos. 66069/09, 130/10 and 3896/10) will be made known on Tuesady 9 July at 10h30 (CET)

The applicants Douglas Gary Vinter, Jeremy Neville Bamber and Peter Howard Moore, are British nationals who were born in 1969, 1961 and 1946 respectively. All three men are currently serving sentences of life imprisonment for murder. When convicted the applicants were given whole life orders, meaning they cannot be released other than at the discretion of the Secretary of State on compassionate grounds (for example, if they are terminally ill or seriously incapacitated).

They now complain that their imprisonment for life amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment as they have no hope of release.

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