Anti-corruption monitors praise Dutch integrity

Anti-corruption monitors have praised the Dutch system for preventing graft among Members of Parliament, judges and prosecutors.

In a report published today, the Council of Europe anti-Corruption Group (GRECO) found that the system, relying to a large degree on mutual trust, openness and public scrutiny, is “effective” and “reactive in uncovering and sanctioning misconduct.”

GRECO welcomed the efforts of the judicial institutions to maintain a high level of public trust through the comprehensive integrity programme which is currently being carried out.

GRECO also praised the thorough and balanced approach adopted by the prosecution service in enhancing the integrity of its members and preventing misconduct, through the creation of a safe climate for an on-going discussion on integrity challenges and a swift reaction in case misconduct does occur.

Both chambers of Parliament were encouraged by GRECO to adopt a similarly proactive approach, in particular through the development of codes of conduct and a review of the current registration requirements, as regards interests, assets and liabilities, in order to ensure proper supervision and enforcement of the rules.

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